What planets decided for you!
This is the study of position of planets and their influence on your personality, disposition and various parts of your life like health, money, career, love, marriage, luck, family etc., transition/ movement of planets. This is the most important study of your life which reveals the good and bad part of your life and the suggestions to correct them.

What this package comes up with:-
1. Birth Ascendant, Sun Sign, Moon Sign and 'Nakshatra', according to Vedic Astrology.
2. Your Lucky Color, Lucky Number, Lucky Day; Auspicious & Inauspicious Day, Date, Month & Period.
3. Your Nature & Temperament, Physical Characteristics, Personality & Attitude - Positive and Negative Traits.
4. Marriage, Health and Diseases, Family and Children, Work and Profession prediction.
5. Complete analysis of the position and influence of all 9 Planets in Horoscope, their Positive & Negative effects on your life, how they will influence your decisions.
6. Calculation of The 'Sadhesati' of Saturn, or the 'seven & a half year' period of Saturn, its results . we will provide complete analysis for neutral and dangerous phases and their remedies.
7. Birth Chart, Moon Chart, 'Navamsha' & 'Bhava' Charts.

How To Order
To order, Fill the form and make the payment online. The Horoscope will be emailed to you within 10 working days of placing order. You can acknowledge your order with the order number provided.